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What is Transformational

Neuromuscular Therapy?

What are the Key Benefits?

Neuromuscular Therapy is a modality of massage that works directly with the nervous system by incorporating the action of the muscle being worked on by the client.  Techniques include: deep tissue, trigger point, fascial freeing, compression, joint play, and assisted stretching.  By asking the client to contract and participate with the working muscle, rather than lying passively, new neuropathways are made between the nervous system and muscle to create lasting affects on the condition of the muscle.  It helps to increase overall coordination.  Neuromuscular technique can be applied actively or passively depending on the condition of the muscles and level of pain present.

Do I need Neuromuscular?

We all have postural and muscular imbalances due to the work or activities we do on a daily basis.  No matter how limber, fit, or healthy you are, I guarantee Neuromuscular Therapy can benefit you, especially you.  It is also very beneficial to those post-injury (at any stage) or post-surgery to help the tissues to re-align to their normal arrangement for a faster recovery.

  • Increased blood flow to muscle tissue and fascia

  • Tissue Re-hydration

  • Increased Athletic Performance

  •  Dissolves adhesions in soft tissues and decreases adhesions in fascia (often presenting as pain)

  • Increases Fascial Elasticity

  • Pain management

  • Strengthens Weak Muscles

  • Lengthens 'Tight' Muscles

  • Re-Sets and Re-educates muscles into normal neurological function

Where do I start?

Your first session includes a 30 minute assessment where we will look at your posture, range of motion, walk, as well as any muscle conditions to begin to 'unlock' clues your body's current state.

**If you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, or are unsure if you should receive bodywork, check with your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor first.  Please call or email me if you are seeing me for the first time! 

Neuromuscular Therapy "Getting Started" Menu

Skier's Tune-Up

Do you want to ski better, longer, and more responsive than you ever have?  Unsure if you will be able to ski those seven days you booked at the resort?  Are you training for the Grand-Traverse? Do you want to avoid injury and increase performance this season? This session is especially designed for the seasoned, vacation, or the professional skier to get you back out there skiing at your optimum level. 

Mountain Biker's Tune-Up

Mountain Biking is a huge part of life here in Crested Butte with endless trails!  Are you looking for a way to last longer on your up-hill, turn "on" those muscles, ride longer, and increase response on the downhill?  Are you here for a short time and want to get the most out of your vacation?  Are you over-gripping and experiencing new sensations in the forearms? Have you reached a plateau and looking for a way to increase performance but avoid injury?  The Mountain Biker's tune-up is just the tool you need to increase your overall coordination and performance as well as flush any toxins from sore muscles to get you back on the trail sooner.  This is session for the new, seasoned, or competitive rider.

Full Body Reset 10 Session Package

Just like your car needs to be taken in every 5,000 miles for its tune-up, your body also needs a full tune-up.  This package is designed specifically to address your body's imbalances.  Package includes a 30 minute pre-session assessment as well as a 1 hour session for each part of the body including:  Head/Neck, Back, Thigh, Pelvis/Hip, Lower Leg, Are/Forearm, Shoulder, Stress, Assisted Stretching, and Problem Areas that need re-visiting.  The package can also be designed to fit your specific needs.  Please Call to schedule.

Post-Surgery Reset

This session is specifically designed to address muscle tension in "un-related" muscles post-surgery.  When we are injured, we often forget that the rest of our body is overcompensating for its current imbalance.  Addressing the imbalance straight away, instead of months later when issues become more chronic, can get the body back to its optimum state faster.  Massage is never done to the "injured "area unless it is pain free and approved by a physician or physical therapist.

Office Reset

Do you spend long hours on a computer, sitting or standing for long hours, texting, or typing?  This session is for you.  Stop living your life with neck, shoulder, and back pain! Let's PREVENT carpal tunnel syndrome! We will target the neck, back, and shoulders, chest, forearms, gluts, and hips.  

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