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Why ReWild?

We can work together to bring balance to your life with grace and ease by reconnecting with your inherent ability to heal yourself. 


Building pathways to a more compassionate and natural existence with grace and ease in Crested Butte, Colorado.

ReWild Wellness and Bodywork is inspired by my passion to connect others to themselves through the power of consistent mindfulness practices, embodied movement,  therapeutic bodywork, nutrition, and immersion amongst the natural world. 

Why Naturopathy
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To quote Mark Bekoff from his book, Rewilding Our Hearts,

"Rewilding is about becoming re-enchanted with nature and nurturing our sense of wonder.  It is a transformative and personal process.  It is a call to action, but primarily to action within our own lives.  It is a lens, a way to view the world, that suggests that the combined strength of our individual personal journeys can harness a new global social movement that will help all beings, humans and non-humans alike."

Lower Stress /Anxiety and Increase Relaxation

99% of all illnesses are stress related.  Rewilding is about becoming okay with what is. Being instead of doing. Massage, yoga, time spent in nature, and mindfulness practices are shown to lower stress on a cellular level.  

Improved Immunity

The human body is designed to heal itself. Rewilding is about discovering where the imbalance lives within and taking the steps to create balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Immunity is not about fixing the problem, but learning to listen deeply to the body to prevent problems before they start.

Increase Energy and Improve Sleep

As we begin to realign ourselves with our essence, our energetic awareness heightens.  Certain habits and patterns that pull ourselves away from our best self begin to fall away which effects the overall functioning in the body.  Feel better, sleep better, be better!

Increased Mobility and Pain Reduction 

Tired of hurting all of the time? Whether you are a serious athlete, have chronic pain, or just feeling "older" and hoping to invite more movement into your life, I can help you customize a program that cultivates more ease and balance in your body.  If you are free in your body, you are free in your mind, and thus free in spirit.

Sense of Connection

Do you feel as though something is missing? Have you been searching through everyone and everything outside yourself? Healing starts in the heart.  Learning to en-gage authentically with others and one's self, our sense of connection to the world deepens and our hearts open.  Now is the time, more than ever, to discover what is most important in life, and embody it.


When we decrease our stress levels our bodies are able to break down food and absorb nutrients effectively. Stress is the leading cause of the most common digestive issues.  Internal organ massage, regular bodywork, decreased food toxicity, and restorative yoga are several of many methods to reduce stress and improve digestion by freeing up blocked energy.


Therapeutic Massage has been proven to lower stress and anxiety, and offer many positive and restorative healing effects enabling you to enjoy a stress and pain-free life again. My goal is to help you implement positive strategies and changes within your body using the incredible restorative effects of Therapeutic Massage.

Yoga means to create union, to yolk, reintegrate, to meditate.  Through the practice of yoga we can find freedom in the mind, body, and spirit.  In the West, we often think of 'doing' yoga, a series of asanas, or yogic postures. Yoga is a way of life and an ancient spiritual practice meant to align ourselves with a universal truth of Oneness.  My intent is to facilitate one into the wilderness within and to rediscover the True Self.  

Lotus Den Mobile spa serves as the perfect festival-vibe venue in which to treat your guests.  We can pop up at festivals, weddings, corporate events, bachelorette parties, retreats and wellness events, or anywhere you believe your guests could enjoy a luxurious massage in The Lotus Den.  

ReWild Retreats and Workshops

At my ReWild workshops and retreats we will explore various topics to facilitate authentic heartfelt communication, engagement with the natural world, re-enchantment with the Self and shadow self, stress release, and compassion during discomfort.  Come connect with others and connect to yourself!  

Meet Ashley

B.S., LMT, RYT- 500, WFR

ReWild Wellness and Bodywork is located in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado inspired by my passion to connect others to themselves through the power of consistent mindfulness practices, embodied movement,  therapeutic body work, nutrition, and immersion amongst the natural world.  


I am a life-long lover for all things that involve the outdoors.  I grew up hiking in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and received my Bachelors of Science in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University with an emphasis on Ecology.  My passion for the outdoors led to many years working and teaching youth in the field of Outdoor Education and then later in Wilderness Therapy. I have devoted most of my life to exploring what it means to live a life driven by love and authenticity.  I was raised in the Buddhist tradition by my parents but found my yoga practice and the sport of rock climbing at a low point in my early twenties.  The embodiment practice of yoga coupled with the connection to nature I felt in rock climbing, brought a new Presence to my life. The passions of both have led to a teacher certification in yoga, exploring any and all sports in the outdoors, as well as living and working in the outdoors as a way to connect with myself and with the world.   

While field guiding in Wilderness Therapy, I witnessed and experienced: deep pain, joy, doubt, adversity, love, authenticity, and community. The wilderness was the womb for authenticity to be nurtured.  I have witnessed incredible change and power in people who were seemingly helpless.  We are all walking around with this immense power, and my mission in this life is to help others to remember this Truth.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the state of Colorado with the intent to facilitate deeper healing within others.  Through therapeutic bodywork, we can begin to work on the nervous system by moving stagnant energy and deep patterns living in the tissues of the body. With daily mindfulness practices, yoga, balanced nutrition, and communion with nature, we can learn to work with what comes up and out.  Learning to know the Self takes a lifetime(s) of practice, and with ReWild Wellness we can start your practice today with some basic tools to integrate into your every day life. Let us work together to build the pathways of compassion for oneself and others.  Let us move towards a more natural way of life with grace and ease.

Who wouldn't want to feel the immense power that resides within?!

Let's walk together on the path to re-enchantment with the world!

Meet Amelia

882 A Cascadilla Street
Enter the address listed above, NOT the google maps suggested location for downtown.  You will miss your appointment if you do this. I am located 15 minutes outside the town of Crested Butte in CB South.

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